Facts, charts and data about the growing global LNG market, natural gas around the world, and U.S. exports.

U.S. LNG EXPORTS: Regulatory Certainty in Time of Crisis May 05, 2022
U.S. LNG EXPORTS: Helping Europe Create a Secure & Clean Energy Future May 05, 2022
U.S. LNG EXPORTS: Delivering Certainty in Time of Crisis May 05, 2022
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U.S. LNG Exports: Delivering Certainty in Time of Crisis Feb 22, 2022
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Chart: Carbon Dioxide Reduction Leaders: 2005-2017 Carbon,CLNG,Electricity,Emissions,Environment,NGSA, Jun 29, 2020
Chart: U.S. Leads the World in Carbon Reductions Thanks to Natural Gas 2005-2017 Carbon,CLNG,Environment,NGSA, Apr 25, 2020
Chart: Increased use natural gas drives CO2 savings in US 2005_2018 Carbon,CLNG,Emissions,Environment,NGSA, Jan 06, 2020
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