CLNG advocates before Congress and at several government agencies, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, and U.S. Coast Guard. Learn more.

CLNG submits public comments as filings, letters or as testimony to provide relevant feedback to a proposed government rule or regulation or a report.  CLNG filings and testimony appear below beginning with the most recent.

CLNG Letter of Support for Pipeline Safety Modernization and Expansion Act of 2024 Pipeline,,Safety, Mar 19, 2024
CLNG Letter of Support for Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2024 Uscg, Mar 19, 2024
CLNG and NGSA Joint Comments on CEQ Phase II Sep 29, 2023
Joint Comments to DOE RFI on Opportunities to reduce GHG’s from LNG exports Emissions,Energy transition, Jun 27, 2023
Comments on the Notice of Interim Guidance on the National Environmental Policy Act Guidance on Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Emission and Climate Change Joint comments,NEPA, Apr 10, 2023
CLNG Letter to House Subcommittee on Energy, Climate & Grid Security Energy and commerce,Energy climate and grid security,House,LNG, Feb 06, 2023
CLNG and API Comments on Updating Regulations for Engineering and Design Materials for LNG Facilities Related to Potential Impacts Caused by Natural Hazards API,Joint comments,LNG, Jan 27, 2023
Notice of Virtual Public and Tribal Meetings Regarding the Review of Nationwide Permit 12; Establishment of a Public Docket; Request for Input. Docket No. COE-2022-0003. Joint Effort, May 27, 2022
NGSA and CLNG Joint Comments on the Draft Certificate Policy Statement CLNG,FERC,Infrastructure,NGSA, Apr 25, 2022
NGSA and CLNG Joint Comments on the Draft GHG Policy Statement CLNG,FERC,Infrastructure,NGSA, Apr 25, 2022
CLNG Comments to CEQ Supporting Notice of Interim Guidance Document, “Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration Guidance” [Docket No. CEQ-2022-0001] Ccus,CEQ,Emissions, Apr 18, 2022
NGSA-CLNG Request for Rehearing of FERC Certificate and GHG Policy Statements FERC,Ghg,Ghg policy statement, Mar 18, 2022
Testimony of Charlie Riedl, Executive Director at the Center for LNG, before the Committee on Natural Resources, Energy & Commerce Committee, & Select Climate Committee GOP Forum Mar 18, 2022
CLNG Comments on CEQ 2021-0002 CEQ, Nov 22, 2021
CLNG Letter to Sec. Granholm re LNG exports Doe,LNG Exports, Sep 24, 2021
CLNG Comment on FERC’s Updated NOI on its Pipeline Certificate Policy Statement, Docket No. PL18-1-000 CLNG,FERC,Infrastructure, May 26, 2021
CLNG Letter to Senate Environment and Public Works on support for reinstatement of regulations of methane emissions Climate,CLNG,Congress,Environment,Environment and public works,Methane, Apr 27, 2021
CLNG Letter to House Committee on Energy and Commerce on support for reinstatement of regulations of methane emissions Climate,CLNG,Congress,Energy and commerce,Environment,Methane, Apr 27, 2021
CLNG Comments on EIA Natural Gas Data Collection Program CLNG,Eia, Jan 06, 2021
Joint Comments with API on Operational Risk Assessments for Waterfront Facilities Handling LNG as Fuel, and Updated to Industry Standards API,CLNG,Safety, Dec 04, 2020
Joint NGSA CLNG Comments on FERC CWA NOPR CLNG,CWA,FERC,Infrastructure,NGSA, Nov 18, 2020
Natural Gas Data Collection Program CLNG,Comments,Filings&Testimonies,Filings&Testimony,LNG Exports, Jun 29, 2020
NEPA/NG Procedures (RIN 1990-AA49) CLNG,Filings&Testimonies,Filings&Testimony,NEPA, Jun 01, 2020
Term Extension Proposed Policy Statement Doe,Filings&Testimonies,Filings&Testimony,NGSA, Mar 12, 2020
NGSA-CLNG Comments on DOE Proposed Policy Statement to Extend LNG Authorizations CLNG,Doe,LNG,LNG Exports,NGSA, Mar 12, 2020
CLNG-NGSA Comments To DOE LNG Export Authorization Extension 2017,CLNG,Doe,Filings&Testimonies,LNG Exports,NGSA, Mar 12, 2020
NGSA and CLNG Comments on CEQ NEPA Proposal CLNG,Comments,NEPA,NGSA, Mar 10, 2020
NGSA-CLNG Comments on Proposed Modernization of NEPA 2020,Climate,CLNG,NEPA,NGSA, Mar 10, 2020
NGSA Remarks on Risk from Climate Financial Policies – CFTC Energy and Environment Matters Advisory Committee 2019,CFTC,Climate,EEMAC,Markets,NGSA, Nov 06, 2019
NGSA-CLNG Joint Letter on Strategic Energy For America Act 2018,CLNG,Doe,NGSA,Reliability, Nov 06, 2019
CLNG Comments LCA GHG Update CLNG,Doe,LNG Exports, Oct 21, 2019
CLNG Comments EPA Section 401 CLNG,EPA, Oct 21, 2019
Joint NGSA and CLNG CEQ Guidance Comments 2019,Climate,CLNG,NGSA, Aug 26, 2019
NGSA CLNG CEQ GHG Guidance Comments CLNG,NEPA,NGSA, Jul 26, 2019
The Important Role of U.S. LNG in Evolving Global Markets CLNG,Congress,LNG Exports,Senate, Jul 11, 2019
Joint NGSA CLNG Letter on Section 401 of the Clean Water Act CLNG,EPA,NGSA,Water, May 24, 2019
Joint NGSA-CLNG Letter On Section 401 Of The Clean Water Act 2019,CLNG,Infrastructure,NGSA,Water, May 24, 2019
CLNG Comments LNG Transportation by Rail CLNG,Comments, Jan 12, 2019
NGSA-CLNG CEQ NEPA Comments 2018,CLNG,NEPA,NGSA, Aug 28, 2018
NGSA-CLNG Comments on CEQ Proposal to Update NEPA Regulations, 83 Fed. Reg. 28,591 CEQ,CLNG,NEPA,NGSA, Aug 21, 2018
CLNG Comment on DOE LNG Macroeconomic Study 2018. Doe,Economic benefits,LNG Exports, Jul 27, 2018
CLNG Comment on FERC Pipeline Certificate Policy CLNG,FERC,Pipelines, Jul 26, 2018
CLNG Letter to Sec. Ross on Steel Tariffs CLNG,White House, May 18, 2018
Riedl Testimony Filings&Testimony,House Energy, Jan 19, 2018
NGSA Letter to FERC Requesting Action on Pipeline Rates Due to Corporate Tax Rate Reduction 2018,FERC,Infrastructure,ROE,Tax rate, Jan 17, 2018
Joint Industry Reply Comments Opposing The DOE Proposal 2017,Doe,FERC,Reliability, Nov 07, 2017
Reply Comments Of NGSA Under RM18-1-000 2017,FERC,Reliability, Nov 07, 2017
NGSA Comments on DOE NOPR Docket Number RM18-1-000 2017,Doe,Reliability, Oct 23, 2017
Joint Energy Industry Comments On DOE NOPR Docket Number RM18-1-000 2017,Doe,Reliability,Renewables, Oct 23, 2017
NGSA API Second Circuit Amicus Brief on New York ZECs Competitive markets,FERC 2nd circuit court,New York,NY,States,Subsidies,ZEC, Oct 20, 2017
CLNG API Small Scale NOPR Comments Joint Effort,LNG Exports, Oct 16, 2017
Joint Energy Industry Association Motion On DOE Letter NOPR To FERC 2017,Doe,FERC,NOPR,Reliability, Oct 02, 2017
NGSA CLNG – DOE RFI Comments 2018,CLNG,Doe,NGSA,Reliability, Jul 14, 2017
CLNG DOE RFI Comments CLNG,Comments,Doe,NGSA, Jun 14, 2017
CLNG Rick Perry Letter March 2017 Final CLNG,Doe,LNG Exports, Mar 20, 2017
NGSA CLNG letter to Senate on LNG exports CLNG,Congress,LNG Exports,NGSA, Mar 20, 2017
NGSA CLNG letter to House on LNG exports CLNG,Congress,LNG Exports,NGSA, Mar 20, 2017
Joint Energy Associations’ Letter to White House on Need for FERC Quorum 2017,CLNG,FERC,Joint Effort,NGSA,White House, Feb 02, 2017
NGSA and CLNG Comments On FERC Draft Guidance Manual [Docket No. AD16-3-000] 2016,CEQ,Climate,CLNG,FERC,NEPA,NGSA, Jan 29, 2016
NGSA Letter To Senate Energy & Natural Resources Supporting S.33, the “LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act” CLNG,Infrastructure,LNG,LNG Exports,NGSA,Senate, Jan 28, 2015