Energy security is vital, and U.S. LNG is playing a critical role. Certainty is vital for ensuring the continued growth and benefits of U.S. LNG.

Learn how the January 2024 Department of Energy pause on LNG export authorizations negatively effects international energy security, the U.S. economy, climate goals and regulatory certainty:

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CLNG advocates for regulatory certainty in the LNG facility review process, ensuring that U.S. LNG can compete on a level footing with global LNG suppliers, while providing buyers and developers of U.S. LNG with greater long term certainty.  CLNG advocacy on regulatory certainty includes advocating for clear language, timelines and scopes on regulations that affect the permitting of LNG facilities throughout the federal government.  Recent CLNG advocacy on certainty for U.S. LNG infrastructure includes:

CLNG advocates for normalized trade relations between the United States and our trading partners. Exports of U.S. LNG help ease trade imbalances, all while providing for increased economic benefits at home.

Recent advocacy related to trade and tariffs includes:

Federal Oversight of LNG Exports

U.S. LNG exports are under the oversight of numerous federal agencies and bodies including, but not limited to, the: