This page explores policy issues associated with the export of U.S. LNG to our trading partners around the world.

America’s abundance of natural gas has led to our emergence as a world-class exporter of natural gas and resulted in:

  • Creating U.S. jobs
  • Growing our economy
  • Significantly strengthening global energy security
  • While reducing emissions
  • And helping to raise people around the world out of poverty

The United States began exporting LNG in 2016 and has steadily solidified its position as a major global energy power.

  • In just a few short years, we have become the third largest exporter of LNG by volume in the world.
  • As of 2020, we have shipped U.S. LNG to 35 countries around the globe — and counting.

As countries around the world seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economic growth, many are finding U.S. LNG ideally suited to help meet those goals.

U.S. LNG export infrastructure enables the transportation of billions of cubic feet per day (BCF/D) of natural gas to global markets, improving access to reliable and affordable energy around the world while increasing jobs and bringing revenues back to states and local communities.

CLNG engages in the key policy issues below related to U.S. LNG exports.

CLNG advocates for regulatory certainty in the LNG facility review process, ensuring that U.S. LNG can compete on a level footing with global LNG suppliers, while providing buyers and developers of U.S. LNG with greater long term certainty.  CLNG advocacy on regulatory certainty includes advocating for clear language, timelines and scopes on regulations that affect the permitting of LNG facilities throughout the federal government.  Recent CLNG advocacy on certainty for U.S. LNG infrastructure includes:

CLNG advocates for normalized trade relations between the United States and our trading partners.  Recent advocacy related to trade and tariffs includes:

Federal Oversight of LNG Exports

U.S. LNG exports are under the oversight of numerous federal agencies and bodies including, but not limited to, the: