CLNG and API Comments on Updating Regulations for Engineering and Design Materials for LNG Facilities Related to Potential Impacts Caused by Natural Hazards

Notice of Virtual Public and Tribal Meetings Regarding the Review of Nationwide Permit 12; Establishment of a Public Docket; Request for Input. Docket No. COE-2022-0003.

NGSA and CLNG Joint Comments on the Draft Certificate Policy Statement

NGSA and CLNG Joint Comments on the Draft GHG Policy Statement

CLNG Comments to CEQ Supporting Notice of Interim Guidance Document, “Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration Guidance” [Docket No. CEQ-2022-0001]

NGSA-CLNG Request for Rehearing of FERC Certificate and GHG Policy Statements

CLNG Comments on CEQ 2021-0002

CLNG Letter to Sec. Granholm re LNG exports

CLNG Comment on FERC’s Updated NOI on its Pipeline Certificate Policy Statement, Docket No. PL18-1-000

CLNG Letter to Senate Environment and Public Works on support for reinstatement of regulations of methane emissions