As leaders in the natural gas industry we support the growth of renewables and the development of innovative solutions that will reduce or eliminate carbon emissions entirely in the future.

Natural gas and renewable energy work together throughout the day, with natural gas seamlessly stepping in when the wind dies down or it is cloudy.

  • Natural gas-fired power plants have the ability to ramp up rapidly when needed and have low emissions to complement renewables.

The reliability of natural gas is essential to support our goals and, because of the abundance and affordability of natural gas, we are fueling the transition for everyone.

By 2050, natural gas and renewable energy together will generate about 76 percent of all U.S. electricity, according to the Energy Information Administration.

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  • According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, using natural gas and renewables in a combined approach optimizes electricity production and minimizes risk. (Opportunities for Synergy Between Natural Gas and Renewable Energy in the Electric Power and Transportation Sectors, 2012)
  • According to the International Gas Union (IGU), natural gas “can enable greater adoption and a smoother transition to a lower carbon economy and improved air quality. The versatility, efficiency, price and performance characteristics of natural gas make it the best fuel to partner with renewable energy sources.”
  • The IGU says, “Natural gas is the only fuel that can respond to (variability of wind and solar throughout the day) with the combination of rapid response, low capital cost, high efficiency and low emissions. Higher efficiency and low emissions make natural gas a natural ally of renewables.”