Jan. 26, 2024

Center for LNG Statement on White House Halt of U.S. LNG Export Approvals

(Washington, D.C.) –

The Center for LNG (CLNG) issued the following statement following the announcement that the Department of Energy (DOE) is pausing the reviews of U.S. LNG export applications.

Charlie Riedl, CLNG Executive Director, said:

“This is a short-sighted and damaging action that weakens U.S. relations with our allies. It undermines U.S. energy leadership in the world without any benefit to our shared climate goals and with considerable risk to the U.S. economy by endangering future projects and the jobs associated with them, as well as destabilizing international energy markets.

“By halting LNG export authorizations, the White House is sending a signal to our allies in Europe that they cannot rely on U.S. promises to help with energy security and climate leadership.

Less than two years ago, this administration pledged to help Europe withstand the energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by ramping up supply of LNG. The U.S. LNG industry stepped up to fulfill these pledges and has been a good-faith partner for this administration. We are dismayed that the administration is backtracking on promises to our longtime allies, which hinge on additional LNG export capacity.

“Every U.S. LNG export terminal already goes through a multi-year approval process before it reaches a final investment decision and construction begins. Long-term agreements signed with buyers around the world underpin these multi-billion dollar projects. Pausing export approvals pulls the rug out from under these agreements and projects and jeopardizes U.S. energy and climate goals.

“In study after study, the Department of Energy and other researchers have found that LNG exports drive increased purchasing power at home, spur additional natural gas and NGL production, and encourage a strong domestic economy and job growth. In contrast, limiting U.S. LNG exports will destabilize international energy markets, driving up costs, and compel trade partners and allies to sign long-term energy supply agreements with parties whose interests diverge from American interests.

The benefits of using natural gas are glaringly obvious right here at home, where power sector emissions in the United States have dropped dramatically over the past two decades as natural gas has replaced coal as the most widely-used source for electricity and facilitated greater use of renewables. The administration is hurting U.S. economic and climate goals by taking this step.”

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