Apr. 20, 2023

Center for LNG Statement in Support of NextDecade’s Rio Grande LNG and Rio Bravo Pipelines Company

(Washington, D.C.) –

The Center for LNG (CLNG) issued the following statement on the vote by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to grant certification on NextDecade’s Rio Grande LNG export facility and the Rio Bravo Pipeline.

Charlie Riedl, CLNG Executive Director, said:

“Rio Grande LNG represents billions of dollars in investment, thousands of jobs, and global emissions reductions. As the world continues to look to U.S. LNG as a way to enhance energy security and reduce emissions, this news is welcome.

“We are appreciative of the hard work by both NextDecade LNG and the FERC to come to this decision.”

Visit CLNG’s website for more information and data on LNG’s environmental benefits and the economic benefits of exports.

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