LNG Market

America Has An Abundant Supply of Natural Gas

The United States has an abundant supply of natural gas to meet current consumption levels for nearly 100 years.

There are currently 11 facilities in the United States capable of receiving LNG with several projects proposed to convert at least some of the facilities into liquefaction export facilities in response to world market demand for clean natural gas supplies.

Having the capability of exporting or importing LNG based on changing market conditions will help to moderate the swings in gas prices seen in the past, create new jobs for Americans and help grow the U.S. economy.

Proposed LNG exports would account for only a small percentage of natural gas production, yet they will return an abundance of benefits to the U.S. economy in the form of jobs and economic prosperity.

Numerous studies, including ones from the Brookings Institution, Navigant, and Deloitte have found that U.S. natural gas resources are abundant enough to support growing U.S. consumption by the electric industry and other sectors, as well as LNG exports. These same studies note that if there is any impact on U.S. natural gas prices, that impact would be modest at worst.

Jobs and Economic Opportunity

Selling a small amount of America’s vast natural gas resources in global markets will lead to tens of thousands of new jobs, expand our manufacturing base, and narrow our trade deficit by billions of dollars.

The Brookings Institution assessment of U.S. LNG exports concluded that LNG exports could be expected to make a positive contribution to the U.S. economy, not only through job creation and additional economic investment, but also through a reduction in the U.S. trade deficit.